A downloadable game for Windows

TomatoRush is a classic puzzles and platforms 2D game with an awesome VR mode.

Grab tomatoes to move to the next level.
Use bricks, switches, platforms, keys, teleports, to move through all game's levels.

Matías is a young farmer who decides to venture into farm world to grow the authentics Los Palacios’s Tomatoes™, but sadly, its farm are in Utrera area. Help Matías to archive the precious designation of origin “Los Palacios’s Tomatoes™“, overcoming some bureaucratic barriers.

The game is still in its earliest stage of development.

Many more enemies, areas and levels are to come.

You need at least 10000 points to unlock a new world.

In each level you can get some ones.

How game calculate levels points?

Nº Stars -> Tomatoes values.

0 -> +50
1 -> +100
2 -> +150
3 -> +200

- 100 per enemy death, yes, you lose point for each kill.
- 10x level time, time is money, literally.


  • New UI
  • New name (RetroJumper -> TomatoRush)
  • VR Improvements.
  • Bug fixes.
  • 5 new levels (World 1)
  • Added Anti-aliasing (Toggle it with key [2])


  • Movement.

Left stick or Directional pad.

  • Use.

X or B

  • Jump.

A or Y

  • Pause/Quit.


  • ResetVR.



  • Movement.

W-A-S-D or UP-Down-Left-Right

  • Use.

Shift Left or X

  • Jump.

Space or Z

  • Pause/Quit.

P or Esc

  • ResetVR.



  • [2] Toggle Anti aliasing in VR
  • [F9] Capture Screenshot
  • [F11] Force Full-screen

(old video) version 0.3


Warning: This is just a beta-demo, with 15 first game levels.

Name changed from RetorJumper to TomatoRush.


Clasic mode:

Unzip and run TomatoRush.exe for play

VR mode:

Execute VRMode.bat and press a key.

Install instructions

Unzip and play.


TomatoRush0.5b.zip 171 MB